Noteworthy [adjective]

Definition of Noteworthy:


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Sentence/Example of Noteworthy:

It was once my ambition to visit one by one every noteworthy spot in France.

It is noteworthy too that these nervous wrecks generally intermarry.

In this impertinence is the only noteworthy fault we discover in the book.

A discovery which improved the delights of ball games was noteworthy.

She remained there for some time, and when she left, it was noteworthy her spirits were still high.

That was the first noteworthy casualty the band had suffered.

McPike is noteworthy because of the large size of the berries and bunches.

This, for Lutra, was perhaps the only noteworthy episode of her early life.

The most noteworthy omission in the volume is the neglect of Irvin S. Cobb.

Among these were also the treasures of Solomon, the king of the Hebrews, a most noteworthy sight.