Nothings [noun]

Definition of Nothings:

emptiness, nonexistence

Synonyms of Nothings:

Opposite/Antonyms of Nothings:

Sentence/Example of Nothings:

Great things hang upon these nothings, so they should not be neglected.

He was no longer Erik Dorn, man of words and mirror of nothings.

Ha, there you are, you cantankerous little fabrication of nothings!

There are only two families in the world,—the have somethings and the have nothings.

There are a thousand and one nothings he may say at this time.

No, my dear friend, you sall come sleep at my hotel, and you sall have nothings to pay.

No, it is nothings to you, and you go away to fight for liberty,—ain't it?

Bancroft has been listening for the past hour and nothings come in.

My sister, she returned, trembling, nothings happened to her?

I got something on the shortest wave-length, where nothings supposed to be.