Noticeable [adjective]

Definition of Noticeable:

conspicuous, evident

Synonyms of Noticeable:

Opposite/Antonyms of Noticeable:

Sentence/Example of Noticeable:

I there met young men, many, and not the least noticeable of whom, came from this section.

To Gloria the note of uneasiness in his voice was not noticeable.

The silence following the usual drone of conversation was noticeable.

His tone was so even, so expressionless, that its slightest changes were noticeable.

The distinction between the mathematician and the dialectician is also noticeable.

The individual who answers to timocracy has some noticeable qualities.

It is noticeable that the vote to close the Exchange was not unanimous.

It was noticeable that in all that she had said, she had made no reference to Spurling.

The most noticeable thing about him was a slight hesitancy in his walk.

This was so noticeable that Laban Keeler was impelled to speak of it.