Noticeably [adverb]

Definition of Noticeably:


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Sentence/Example of Noticeably:

Soon so many of them were in that the throng of the Breakwater was noticeably smaller.

He struck me as a dapper man, noticeably, but not offensively, self-satisfied.

I know that many of the painters of the day were noticeably impressed.

He grew daily more sullen and repellent, toward Albert noticeably so.

The air was noticeably thinner there and their burdens heavier.

With the windows shut, it was noticeably warm and close in the room.

Some of them are large, well formed and vigorous; but I think the caste is not noticeably so.

The Marquis was not noticeably perturbed by this recital of an obvious fact.

He spoke as he entered and his tone was noticeably not cordial.

His bearing on the street was noticeably manly and unaffected.