Noticed [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Noticed:

"Hum," remarked Uncle Peter, in a tone to be noticed for its extreme dryness.

You may have noticed that night at the Oldakers'—well, women, Mr. Bines, are uncertain.

Harriett noticed pale, blurred lines on the edges of her lips.

Uncle Brunton noticed the change; for to those who saw him seldom the change was sudden.

You might not have noticed them, but it seemed to Sallie that her fingers had touched everywhere.

All day he had noticed how inevitably the conversation turned to the young surgeon.

The other patients avoid her, and it was some time before I noticed it.

He had noticed that her lips were rather blue, and had called in Dr. Ed.

Christine noticed then that his right arm was hanging inert by his side.

"I wonder if you have noticed something," she said, eyes on the label.