Notified [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Notified:

They had waited until day, and the Abbe, having been notified, was about to come.

It was notified to her that she was forbidden to reappear at Court.

He should come home at once, he said, and he notified the captain that such was his intention.

She decided to become housekeeper at the Trumet parsonage and so notified him.

But that the captains should be notified of any emergency was essential.

She notified the hour at which she would be at her mother's house.

She was expecting me, but did not know of my presence till I notified it with a kiss.

They, in their turn, notified Falk that so-and-so was ready to go out.

The company, knowing that his family was one of some standing, notified the father.

This unhappy wanderer must be notified of recent revelations.