Notify [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Notify:

He tells you of his coming as he might notify a tavern wench.

"I will, after I notify the proper officials that I have arrived," decided the lad.

"We can notify the authorities at Simpson's Corners," said Mr. Basswood.

If so, Roger, would he be fool enough to notify me beforehand?

"Notify the police," Chuck said at last, but Janet shook her head.

I notify you that it is my will that these errors be driven from my kingdom.

A bellboy saw Merry and hastened to notify him that he was wanted at the desk.

The only point on which he was firm was his refusal to notify his friends or to have a doctor.

Well, then, you go down there now, and I'll notify the steward.

Why, at any rate, did he not notify me of the order which he had received from the division commander?