Noting [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Noting:

In this way the density of the ether has been deduced by noting the velocity of light.

But noting my hesitation, and misconstruing it, she forestalled me.

Noting the pause and the look, Esteban bounded forward, his face livid.

"Monsieur de Lesperon," she called softly to me, noting my silence.

But Tolto, noting that the princess had not followed, hurried out in search for her.

Noting she looked hurt at his abruptness, he kissed her quickly.

The secretary, noting the figure which toppled so grimly into the room, fainted.

But Crispin, noting the hesitation, stifled it by appealing to the lad's fears.

Noting her eagerness, he smiled and his eyes filled with playful tenderness.

Mern jerked away the paper, noting that its letterhead was his own.