Notional [adjective]

Definition of Notional:


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Sentence/Example of Notional:

General maxims, unless they be formed upon both, will be but notional, v.10.

But ships are notional, and these expectations are sometimes dashed.

When the sense of God's authority over us is practical, and not notional only.

When he's sort of wild and notional by nature and traps set for him?

The Form stands first, the Matter second, not in time, but in notional presentation.

The governments of these smoking nations are not likely to be notional on that matter.

By "notional verb" is meant a verb that has some distinct idea or notion of its own: as, "I have a ball."

But the priority is nothing more than logical and notional; it does not amount to an ability of prior independent existence.

He brings out, in peculiar but forcible terms, the idea of notional causality which underlies Aristotles Logic.

The physical philosopher studies not merely the Matter, but the Form or notional Essence even more (a. 17).