Notions [noun]

Definition of Notions:

belief, idea

Opposite/Antonyms of Notions:

Sentence/Example of Notions:

The world's notions of purity are simply childish—because it is not itself pure.

His notions of time and distance are often not in the very least to be relied on.

Our heroine balanced for a moment between these two notions.

This did not suit our notions of a land cruise, and we began to grumble.

Sir William, in truth, had too much sense to often join or sympathize with these notions.

Her notions of filial duty, notwithstanding the persecutions she meets with.

Like many mortals, they think a great deal of their own notions.

For my part those are not my notions, but I forgive them, oh!

My notions of happiness cannot be resolved into simple, fixed principles.

Why should I be blessed—here and now at least—according to my notions of blessedness?