Nourished [verb]

Definition of Nourished:

feed, care for

Synonyms of Nourished:

Opposite/Antonyms of Nourished:

Sentence/Example of Nourished:

The woman ancestor kitchen-gardened, spun, wove, and nourished the poultry.

In these moments, the strength of him, nourished by suffering, was putting forth its flower.

Such facts or legends were the food on which his mind had been nourished.

He nourished the hope that the ci-devant Vicomte might still be with La Boulaye.

Alongside of St. Giles is the hind that nourished him in the desert.

I nourished no resentment of the moody brusqueness with which he had treated me.

Councillor Mikulin could not, however, have nourished any hope of confession.

Was it, then, possible that he nourished such a presumption?

But now it was a viper—not a divine hope—it had nourished in its bosom.

She had conceived them, borne them, nourished them for a year at most.