Nourishing [adjective]

Definition of Nourishing:


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Sentence/Example of Nourishing:

These are very real, nourishing and delicious foods that are being offered you.

On every side fruitful life was conveying germs, creating and nourishing.

Such as are fed grossly, stalled cattle and pigs, without any exercise, do not afford food so nourishing or wholesome as others.

And Leonard managed to convince his stomach that it was having a nourishing meal.

An excellent maxim for fomenting credulity and nourishing superstition.

He said all the boy needed was nourishing food and country air.

The fare was simple, yet nourishing, wholesome and satisfying.

The cheese was nourishing and a welcome addition to the local diet.

It was the most nourishing food that has ever been prepared.

The nasal twang of Yankeedom is a plant that 99 needs no nourishing.