Nous [noun]

Definition of Nous:

innate intelligence

Synonyms of Nous:

Opposite/Antonyms of Nous:


Sentence/Example of Nous:

"Nous allong—" began Rose, meekly; but she was cut short in her repetition.

Why, I've been the secret wolf he never had the nous to guess at!

I cried, as I realised that it was the other end Jack Penny had had the nous to lower at once.

It is needless to say, that now "Nous avons chang tout cela."

We find423 connected the terms "nous" and "phronsis," also "anastasis."

As soon as we see the faults of an institution, nous la brisons.

The Homœomeries are coeternal with, if not anterior to, Nous.

Nous or Reason is the regulator and the cause of all things.

"Nous vivrons Paris" ('Tis to Paris we go), they shout in glad triumph, and are off.

I fancied the old fellow had no nous, except for Latin and Greek.