Nova [noun]

Definition of Nova:

variable star that suddenly erupts

Synonyms of Nova:

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Sentence/Example of Nova:

Some day—and then the thought burst on him like a nova exploding in his brain.

"Why, a little bird that came on board from Nova Scotia, they said," replied Hilbert.

To call a Gloucester man a Nova Scotian is not well received.

But while he was thus the child of Nova Scotia, he was her creator as well.

Meanwhile, the Irish in Nova Scotia had been roused against him.

In July he had returned a curt refusal to Nova Scotia's request.

Such, then, was the system and theory of government in Nova Scotia.

It does not extend to all known lands, as, for example, to Nova Zembla.

A final effort to legalize slavery in Nova Scotia was made in 1808.

In Nova Scotia, there was no decision that slavery did not exist.