Novelette [noun]

Definition of Novelette:

fictional book

Synonyms of Novelette:

Opposite/Antonyms of Novelette:

Sentence/Example of Novelette:

His name sounds like the hero of a servant's novelette, but he doesn't look like that.

She was seen to take a book from a stall, place it in a novelette, and walk away.

They are all of thin value, and the "Novelette" is dangerously Schumannesque.

You will be glad to hear my novelette has been purchased by the Magazine.

The second attempt, in form of a novelette, is nearly ready.

You will be pleased to hear my novelette has been a success with the publishers.

A short story and a novelette were at once put on the stocks.

The short story was finished and submitted long in advance of the novelette.

Sir, let me tell youthe father in that there novelette come round.

Stuart was sitting on the table, the novelette on his knees.