Novella [noun]

Definition of Novella:

fictional book

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Sentence/Example of Novella:

Perhaps he was going to perish here, without seeing the Novella again.

The Novella stooped towards the prisoner and touched his face with her lips.

In both cases the difference of the novella is in the motive, or the origination.

The novelette can have almost as perfect form as the novella.

In other words the novella was actually (though still in miniature) a novel in nature as well as in name.

Novella popolare siciliana pubblicata ed illustrata a cura di Francesco Sabatini.

In Florence they take the form of a novella, and the novella is expanded in octave stanzas.

The Italian novella, though written for the people, exhibits the external pomp and grandeur of royalty.

The Idyll and the Novella formed, moreover, the most precious portion of Boccaccio's legacy.

With regard to the Novella and the Idyll, it is enough in this place to say that we may reckon them indigenous to modern Italy.