Novels [adjective]

Definition of Novels:

new, original

Synonyms of Novels:

Opposite/Antonyms of Novels:

Sentence/Example of Novels:

He went over once more the day's arguments for and against the novel emprise.

"Oh, my dear," she said, clasping the novel with one hand while she embraced him with the other.

"And then there's the novel I wrote when I was at home," he concluded.

The last post had brought the proofs of his second novel to him.

My dear, you will be woefully disappointed if in my story you expect any thing like a novel.

To the romance the novel is what photography is to painting.

To an imaginative mind the scene was full of novel interest.

It contained nothing but the sketch made upon the fly-leaf of a novel.

The novel was for him that assiette; and all his novels are here.

This affair was a success, owing, perhaps, to its novel programme.