Novelties [noun]

Definition of Novelties:

newness, originality

Synonyms of Novelties:

Opposite/Antonyms of Novelties:

Sentence/Example of Novelties:

So, Madame, your god-mother has two novelties to present tomorrow.

“I like novelties”—and Count Otto smiled with an air of considerable resolution.

There is no rich and fickle man who does not feel that all his novelties are ancient.

I deprecate any hasty rejection of these thoughts as novelties.

For a time my attention was wholly taken up with the novelties of the place.

The return walk was not so pleasant, for the novelties of the region had been exhausted.

I am rather one to think of novelties, and if Eliza cares to copy any of them, so much the better.

Backwoods and backwoodsmen are novelties which amuse for the moment.

Fergus Derrick was a young man, and young men were fond of novelties.

In 1876 he stood in the city of Seattle gazing with wonder at the novelties about him.