Novice [noun]

Definition of Novice:

person just learning something

Synonyms of Novice:

Opposite/Antonyms of Novice:

Sentence/Example of Novice:

The novice should not attempt a glide unless the conditions are just right.

I could see myself like the novice who had just been admitted as a nun.

I was a novice at honest work, and any special exertion was not then to my taste.

The novice then laid his hand upon his breast and bent before him.

To which the novice (being to that end instructed by his attendant sponsors) replied 'I do!'

The novice hardly believes his eyes: the ballet dancer is also a man.

But for a long time he behaved not like a prince but like a novice.

"A novice—that's what she was when Lowther met her," said Mr. Bonnithorne.

The novice entered and told her that a woman waited below to speak with her.

In a moment this summoned a sister—a novice, dressed like the first, except all in white.