Nuances [noun]

Definition of Nuances:

slight difference; shading

Synonyms of Nuances:

Opposite/Antonyms of Nuances:

Sentence/Example of Nuances:

He was a stickler for the nuances of behaviour, especially in women.

It is short, pregnant—what is to follow is incorporated in its nuances.

It has been well said that words are inadequate to describe the nuances of taste.

"The correspondences of nuances," he sings to his neighbour, who happens to be Whistler.

In spite of the shock, the newness, Dr. Stern was sensitive to nuances.

But in all their accents and nuances, in him, these became wonderful.

It was the Delaware tongue, all right, but with inflexions and nuances strange to me.

She is a creature of soupons and nuances and intuitive niceties.

Here it is all delicate—a study of nuances and subtle relationships.

Julien had a spirit capable of appreciating true politeness, but he had no idea of nuances.