Nubile [adjective]

Definition of Nubile:

concerning marriage

Synonyms of Nubile:

Opposite/Antonyms of Nubile:

Sentence/Example of Nubile:

I got a picture of a nubile waif, too freakish to fit where she'd been raised.

All women of that category are Nupa, or nubile, as far as this man goes.

Every nubile maid (koshimoto) in the yashiki was a candidate for concubinage.

Such was the ideal of wifely purity in an isle where nubile virgins went naked as in paradise.

But shall we find in France a country where the proportion of births to the number of nubile women is greater than in our own?

Scatter flowers, or other missile oblations, profusely, you nubile virgins.

I am barely of nubile age, and yet I was not half so old on the day I saw you for the first time.

She couldn't have been more than eighteen and her figure was nubile in its firm flesh and flowing contours.

She demands flatly the Sisyphus take along at least fifty "nubile females in order to restock the world after its reconquest."

The girl's pure face was the picture of nubile candor, and her eyes met fairly the shock of the other's quick glance.