Nudity [noun]

Definition of Nudity:


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Sentence/Example of Nudity:

The little girls were no better off than the boys; all were nearly in a state of nudity.

I recognized my wife in this star of nudity; more than that, she recognized me.

I was pleased to notice that her nudity did not this time appeal to my doting madness.

Meanwhile, architecture is tormented in her struggles to conceal this nudity.

They were ranged in a semicircle, all nearly in a state of nudity, waiting to be sold.

Shameless she felt them—indecent—a sort of nudity of the soul.

But you didn't ask them alone, to cover your nudity and look like what they weren't.

The passage about Saul suggests the nudity or scanty costume of the prophets.

The baleful idea that truth is nudity beset me on every occasion.

It was not a little child but an enormous debacle that exposed his nudity.