Null [adjective]

Definition of Null:

ineffectual, valueless

Synonyms of Null:

Opposite/Antonyms of Null:

Sentence/Example of Null:

As this marriage was null and void, there was no Marchioness of Morella.

It all came to nothing: as poetry it never began to be more than null.

If one of these three conditions is wanting, the ballot is null.

If they do not proclaim him, my abdication must be null, and not made.

The changes of the Protectorate were treated as null and void.

Every law not ratified by the people themselves is null and is no law.

We are then to consider the testimony given by you this morning as null and void?

She looked at him, she turned to him, but he was always so strange and null—so null.

A friend of mine, Dr. Zalbon, was running the swing after the null retracted.

Oh, the null was swirling, we know that, and he could have been caught in an arm.