Numb [adjective]

Definition of Numb:

deadened, insensitive

Opposite/Antonyms of Numb:

Sentence/Example of Numb:

Here the pang suddenly struck her; she was not so numb, after all!

The book in which he did so is not named in the chapter just quoted, but in Numb.

I raised my chin from my hands, and found that I was cold, numb, and stiff.

My brain was numb, but I did my best to confront the new situation that was before me.

I leaned against the balustrade all numb, watching them depart.

I had forgotten them: I was numb to the passion and affairs of life.

Presently he tried to rise, and found that his limbs were numb.

Because Dives had been numb to human needs, Lazarus was the new-discovered leader.

Use and want are not its masters, sluggish contentment cannot numb its activity.

The fiddler's string broke and the guitar player's fingers were numb.