Numbing [verb]

Definition of Numbing:


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Sentence/Example of Numbing:

His knees were shaking, a cold icy horror was numbing his heart and senses.

Why had this come upon her, this cruel, numbing disgrace and sorrow?

A conception—a reality here—that was numbing in its vastness.

The chafing of his horses had penetrated to his numbing brain.

Desperately he fought to prevent the numbing sensation from overcoming him.

The eleven-inch hand closed on Harvey's, numbing it to the elbow.

His voice seemed harsh; it fell upon her, numbing her senses.

But it filled no empty stomachs, nor dissipated the numbing cold.

To them it was a numbing, constricting presence; the abode of darkness and horror.

She seemed to nerve herself to meet some numbing danger of cowardice.