Numerous [adjective]

Definition of Numerous:

many, abundant

Synonyms of Numerous:

Opposite/Antonyms of Numerous:

Sentence/Example of Numerous:

Numerous lamps were lighted in the trees, making the gardens bright as noon.

Her father rode by her side, and a numerous train of attendants followed.

She had always paid him generously for the numerous errands he had run for her.

It is also much used as a basis for numerous other dressings.

But of all classes of foreigners the Irish are by far the most numerous.

But of all these numerous occasions the most ignominious was shortly after the affair with the Grizzly.

Boabdil el Chico had taken the field, at the head of a numerous army.

Upon these, the deer were grazing leisurely, like cattle, in numerous herds.

Bears were frequently seen, and numerous herds of musk-oxen and deer.

The furniture and accessories of the altar in pre-Reformation times were numerous.