Numskull [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Numskull:

"It's alwayth the numskull hath the most conceit," said the Deacon.

"You numskull, look at me and make a fool of yourself," she said by the light in her eye.

Bank cashier or not, Charlie warn't that much of a numskull.

He is better qualified to command the ship than the numskull to whom she has been given.

I said Hastings said it; and he is not in the least a numskull.

The message was here all the time—that numskull Heinrich forgot it.

Wait till you have one first, sir, and you may make him as great a numskull as you plase, Master.

Do not suppose from this that I am ill in body; it is the numskull that I complain of.

That he is a numskull, perhaps, but I fear there is not that encouragement for his improvement!

Well, I did what I've often been numskull enough to do in similar cases, wrote and offered to buy her out at par.