Nun [noun]

Definition of Nun:

woman in religious order

Synonyms of Nun:

Opposite/Antonyms of Nun:


Sentence/Example of Nun:

I could see myself like the novice who had just been admitted as a nun.

The idea of becoming a nun always haunted me, but I was no longer mystic.

My father said something to the nun who came forward, and she took us into the parlour.

Her bonnet was trimmed with ruches, so close together that it looked like a nun's head-gear.

The dowry left to me by my father was ample enough for the dowry of a nun.

The nun came, but not beyond the grating which bounds one side of the room.

My mother wished me to become a nun, and I wish it myself, sir.

I've never been a nun myself, having had better work to do in the world, ma'am.

Amid a buzz of conversation the nun was handed to the table.

He was above all things a chaste-minded man, modest as a nun.