Nunnery [noun]

Definition of Nunnery:


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Sentence/Example of Nunnery:

We will start on our drive to the nunnery as early as you please, Chevalier.

On the march we passed a nunnery, where we halted for about a quarter of an hour.

If the salt of the earth––but not to the nunnery nor to the monkery, we go.

When is she coming back to the monastery or the nunnery or rectory, or whatever it is?

On leaving the convent we proceeded to the nunnery in the neighbourhood.

This good-looking girl they tell me is to go into a nunnery—by my Hostie!

If I had only known you had been coming, what a nunnery I would have lived in to have been good enough for you!'

At length he found her out, but what was his grief and surprise—in a nunnery!

The next day, at dawn, Albina received the Abbot of Antinoe at the nunnery.

And she earnestly implored me to get her into some nunnery, where she might be safe.