Nuptial [adjective]

Definition of Nuptial:

concerning marriage

Synonyms of Nuptial:

Opposite/Antonyms of Nuptial:

Sentence/Example of Nuptial:

Other nuptial carriages are said to have gone the same road, before and since.

The choice of the bride and the nuptial ceremonies are most rudimentary.

Extravagance is to be regarded as vulgarity and ignorance of nuptial proprieties.

And Gervasio came down to pronounce the nuptial blessing over us.

Benedick, in astonishment at what he heard, said, "This looks not like a nuptial."

By his nuptial contract he was bound to take his bride with him to Pesaro.

They had been married by Father Farmer with a nuptial high mass.

The transfer was soon completed, and the burden deposited on the nuptial bed.

That is some satire keen and critical, Not sorting with a nuptial ceremony.

There is not a woman in all the world but would prefer death to such a nuptial.