Nursemaid [noun]

Definition of Nursemaid:


Synonyms of Nursemaid:

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Sentence/Example of Nursemaid:

"It is rude to point," says the nursemaid to her little charge.

No wonder she can keep a nursemaid, if that's where she spends her time.

And he uttered a groan which made a nursemaid turn and stare.

So she salved her nursemaid's conscience—with the help of the fifty pounds.

She talks to him as if she were his nursemaid, Sophia thought.

"At fourteen and sixteen we surely don't need a nursemaid," sniffed Marjorie.

Harvey Rolfe had no choice but to repeat what seemed good to Louie the nursemaid.

She knew the nursemaid was busy; would not ring, but carried him out herself.

What the child is in the hands of the nursemaid, we may see anywhere.

From the duchess to the nursemaid, by Jove, they are all alike!