Nursery [noun]

Definition of Nursery:

child's room

Synonyms of Nursery:

Opposite/Antonyms of Nursery:


Sentence/Example of Nursery:

It was much nicer upstairs in the nursery with Mimi, the Angora cat.

Mark was in the nursery, as the children's room was still called.

After tea I slunk away to the nursery, and sat staring into the fire.

And from the time he was a babe in the nursery Coryston had fulfilled it to perfection.

Lalkhan brought tea, and Tony went with him quite meekly to the nursery.

Ayah and little Fay were in the nursery across the passage, where there was a fire.

This nursery, like the other, looks out on the glorious mountains.

The nursery kitchen, we were amused to discover, has a sphere of influence all its own.

Suhinie left the nursery for a few hours' rest at noon on February 2, 1910.

Then there was a rush round to the nursery, and an eager showing of the "It."