Nurses [noun]

Definition of Nurses:

person who tends to sick, cares for someone

Synonyms of Nurses:

Opposite/Antonyms of Nurses:


Sentence/Example of Nurses:

You were scarcely two years old, when you and your nurse suddenly disappeared.

She and her nurse had been stolen from the Ionian coast, by Greek pirates.

When Nurse had gone she would lie still in her cot, waiting.

My mother has been very ill; and would have no other nurse but me.

As between child and parent or nurse it is not argued about because it is inevitable.

A nurse stayed behind the screen, and her work was done by the others.

When the night nurse came on at seven, everything was all right.

There were no rules to cover such conduct on the part of a nurse.

Far away was the night nurse's desk, with its lamp, its annunciator, its pile of records.

He watched her go down the hall toward the night nurse's desk.