Nurtured [verb]

Definition of Nurtured:

feed, care for

Synonyms of Nurtured:

Opposite/Antonyms of Nurtured:

Sentence/Example of Nurtured:

Leila, thou hast been nurtured with tenderness, and schooled with care.

Gone with the little courts that nurtured them—gone with Esterhazy and Weimar.

We are nurtured on it; we are schooled in it, we live by it; and we rarely realize it.

They had to be nurtured and upheld, no matter how the contacts of life hit his own skin.

Nor had the inner man been nurtured any better than the outer.

Monopolies of this kind are begotten by fraud and nurtured by error.

Under their hard shells there is imagination that has been nurtured in long, long thoughts.

He had lived with it, nurtured it, clipped it, groomed it—for thirty-two years.

Missolonghi nurtured the poet in his youth and led him to the threshold of manhood.

And that love of his was nurtured and sustained by the most generous thoughts.