Nurturing [noun]

Definition of Nurturing:


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Sentence/Example of Nurturing:

What mattered now was planting and nurturing civilization on Tanith.

Had I been instrumental in nurturing those flowers of the heart?

Perhaps it is just as well, for we are novices at nurturing even yet!

Yes, dear brother, by nurturing this love you do her a worse evil than you know of.

A copse is a plot of ground, proportioned off for the purpose of nurturing wood.

If I be not yet proved in the fire, make me some nurturing ploughshare, or the Sword of victory!

Meantime Ned Buntline had been nurturing an ambitious project.

Youth, its nurturing and developing, has become the passion of the day.

Education is thus a fostering, a nurturing, a cultivating, process.

So Bella was fain to turn outward in search of nurturing matter whereon to feed her humanness.