Nutritional [adjective]

Definition of Nutritional:

pertaining to food

Synonyms of Nutritional:

Opposite/Antonyms of Nutritional:


Sentence/Example of Nutritional:

It has its roots both in the reproductive and the nutritional motives.

But this is an eye in which all nutritional changes have ceased.

So milk serves a therapeutic as well as a nutritional purpose.

Nutritional deficiency diseases were beginning to be understood.

The process preserved the product with a minimum loss of nutritional value and without causing coagulation.

First, the nutritional portions were treated, because they are so likely to become putrified.

Nutritional experts declare that milk is the most important of the “protective” foods.

It possesses absolutely no nutritional advantage for man or beast over oats, corn, and rye.

In all other respects the fats are alike from a nutritional standpoint.

Its purpose is to affect some components in order to achieve desired qualities related to taste, look, nutritional value, etc.