Nuts [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Nuts:

Dredge the fruits and nuts with flour and fold them into the mixture.

The first evening reading had been commenced with nuts and apples.

Beat, and when it begins to get thick, add the nuts and coconut.

Then stir in the graham flour, adding the nuts while kneading.

Do you suppose he'll ever think of the nuts again, or find them?

You see, it couldn't do him no good, and it was just nuts for them.

I hope the cracking and crunching of nuts doesn't disturb you much?

"Mendiants" are raisins and nuts, the nearest to dessert that at this season you could get at Garniers.

The navvies moved about half naked, and burned brown as nuts.

It is then they break the nuts to make bread of them by mixing with them the flour of Maiz.