Nutshells [noun]

Definition of Nutshells:

short statement of main points

Opposite/Antonyms of Nutshells:

Sentence/Example of Nutshells:

That's a good rule for those who want everything in a nutshell.

The whole case was in a nutshell—the lady had quarreled with her husband.

"There you have the case in a nutshell," said Mr. Bonnithorne, dropping his voice.

What is now required to be done may be stated in a nutshell.

I confess that has to be considered, and then the question lies in a nutshell.

The whole subject lies in a nutshell, or rather an apple-skin.

The Ragusan steamer looked like a nutshell from our eminence.

That was the point, and there was the argument all lying in a nutshell.

It may be said to gather up Browning's philosophy of life in a nutshell.

Here, then, in a nutshell, you have the whole matter in dispute.