Nutter [noun]

Definition of Nutter:

mentally deranged person

Synonyms of Nutter:

Opposite/Antonyms of Nutter:


Sentence/Example of Nutter:

"That is easily arranged if you want to stop here, lad," Captain Nutter said.

They all knew what sort of terms Sturk and Nutter had been on.

Of Sturk's tragedy and Nutter's disappearance he had already heard.

Nutter's little pew, under the gallery, was void like Sturk's.

When Nutter returned to the parlour his wife had not yet left it.

By Jupiter, Sir, there wasn't one drop of cur's blood in poor Nutter.

And that was the last that was heard or seen of Mr. Nutter for some time.

Nutter certainly had disappeared, and there was an uneasy feeling about him.

And everybody who met any one else asked him—'Any news about Nutter, eh?'

As he was about to quit the apartment, Mistress Nutter appeared at the door.