Nutty [adjective]

Definition of Nutty:


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Sentence/Example of Nutty:

This plant is especially sweet and nutty to the taste when young and unwilted.

Odor somewhat of old meal and nutty, not pleasant; taste similar.

Nutty jumped off a while ago, 'cause he was afraid he'd be arrested.

Well, I think you're nutty; it's the cheesiest gang in College.

After that we were sort of friends, me and old ‘Nutty,’ as everyone called him.

You and your nutty dreams about cows and flower gardens and hens!

Krebs was "nutty," he declared—that was all there was to it.

It should have a clear, pleasant, mild aroma and a nutty flavor.

A portion only (if any) of the stones in the cherries should be crushed, to impart a nutty flavour.

No ones talking to him, hes just nutty and chins to himself.