Nuzzling [verb]

Definition of Nuzzling:


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Sentence/Example of Nuzzling:

It would be so nice just to lean back and nuzzle up to her, down in the sand.

They would push and nuzzle a man along a road, and never upset him.

They stirred, making tiny whimpering sounds and trying to move their heads to nuzzle at her fingers.

And when he slept at night something came to nuzzle at his mind; faceless, formless, utterly alien.

All of a sudden Don began to tremble with eagerness and nuzzle and sniff among the roots of the grass.

Hilda put the baby in Sarah's arms, and he began to nuzzle at her shrunken breasts.

The paper dropped into the ditch and lay still, and the pony began to nuzzle Janice's hand.

The frightful head whipped back at the end of the long neck, to nuzzle at the seared spot.

Taggi came to lick his face, nuzzle him, making a small, bewildered whimpering.

She goes miles away by the sea-side and walks into the water, like a Christian, to nuzzle up crabs among the rocks.