Oaf [noun]

Definition of Oaf:

person who is clumsy, stupid

Synonyms of Oaf:

Opposite/Antonyms of Oaf:

Sentence/Example of Oaf:

With Bill Forrester dead, then, had she turned to the oaf for comfort?

The oaf shambled along, his arm no longer around Gerda's waist.

Viewed objectively, there was nothing wrong with what the oaf was doing.

He and Joe were well matched and with the oaf as an ally really he had all the best of it.

For a double second he had the oaf alone on his hands and that was sufficient.

If he knew how to play his cards—but there, the oaf will put his grate foot in it.

What was she sent down here for but to catch you, you oaf, you fool, you!

The note in Bell's Chaucer, connecting it with oaf, is wrong.

There was little to be done in diplomacy with an oaf like that.

"It is the oaf I passed on the pier," cried Shagarach, interrupting Emily.