Oars [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Oars:

There was room in it for a girl-partner at the oar, but no accommodation for passengers.

Every man and spar and oar on the vessel seemed burning in its light.

An oar has been made since I came in, wanting the shaped handle.

Greer went back to the stern, picked up an oar and began to scull.

She put out her hand, and took his, and pressed it, holding hers over it upon the oar.

In that boat, now vanishing upon the sea, the dead man held an oar.

Harry sounded with an oar, and found that the water was only two feet deep.

I have seen in some of these canoes seventy and eighty men, each with his oar.

I got up my jury rig—the oar and the spray shield—and took the helm.

I hauled in the oar, jumped over the cockpit rail, and went for him.