Obediently [adverb]

Definition of Obediently:


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Sentence/Example of Obediently:

She brought it obediently and poured it into his cupped hands.

She took it obediently, but over the cup her eyes searched his.

Eli took it obediently, but he did not speak; he only looked at the sea.

The old greasy is the jacket, and Mr. Don obediently gets into it.

Joshua got obediently to his feet and placed himself as directed.

It was far from what the Swede had expected; but he accepted the task, obediently.

I handed him the checks, obediently, and he stepped to the telephone and gave a number.

Obediently he wheeled to the left, and I caught the swish of his sword as it left the scabbard.

Obediently he swung down from his horse, and surrendered the reins to her.

Buck drew up a chair, and obediently filled and lit his pipe.