Obelisks [noun]

Definition of Obelisks:

stone pillar

Synonyms of Obelisks:

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Sentence/Example of Obelisks:

If a pyramid or obelisk mould, lift it carefully off the top.

My blue-eyed friend erected himself into an obelisk of profanity.

Heliopolis is the "house of the obelisk," the obelisk being a representation of the sun.

It went up the Nile as near to the place where the obelisk stood as it could go.

Then they made a road leading from the place where the obelisk stood to the river.

Adams, of Philadelphia, marked by an Egyptian obelisk of granite.

It would be harder to get rid of than the obelisk or the Vendôme column!

Obelisk, tower, land, or anything for directing the course by sight.

"It's the obelisk in Court Square that makes you think that," suggested Sydney.

He came to the Obelisk, and leaned against it, overcome by a spasm of realisation.