Obese [adjective]

Definition of Obese:

very overweight

Synonyms of Obese:

Opposite/Antonyms of Obese:

Sentence/Example of Obese:

The obese individual jarred against him and fell to the ground.

Obese -us: unnaturally distended: usually applied to the abdomen.

As if you did not drive me crazy, you obese, misshapen wine skin!

Gad, how happy he would be to stab a rapier through any one of these obese swine!

By this time Ilia Ivanovitch was beginning to become bald and obese.

An omnibus journey is, by the obese, regarded as so much exercise.

He seized his obese bulk by the waist and lifted him high above his head.

It is important that the bowels of obese patients be kept freely open.

B, allowing for a slight rise in the ground, walks on an obese tabloid.

"He is becoming old and obese," murmured the less respectful of the demons.