Obeyed [verb]

Definition of Obeyed:

conform, give in

Opposite/Antonyms of Obeyed:

Sentence/Example of Obeyed:

The captain moved among them, and his orders were obeyed, but not with alacrity.

He felt that a crisis had come, and he was determined to be obeyed.

The mandate was obeyed, and Bates was lodged in the forecastle, securely ironed.

They called him a King or a prince and obeyed his orders for their own common benefit.

But as Philip obeyed her words, he saw her move suddenly and stand by Emilia's side.

And they would be obeyed, or I never should be restored to their favour, let the consequence be what it would.

She motioned to Dick to precede her, and he obeyed, like a man in a dream.

The same signification was made for me last Sunday; and I obeyed.

Did not your father himself some days ago tell you, he would be obeyed?

He obeyed and rose, but with a little cry dropped on the ground.