Obeying [verb]

Definition of Obeying:

conform, give in

Opposite/Antonyms of Obeying:

Sentence/Example of Obeying:

Obeying a quick impulse, Percival stepped to the curb as she came opposite to him.

It is a delight to atone for a fault by obeying your commands.

He gave me generally to understand that he was only obeying a custom of Modern Society.

A honouring and obeying wife would let his trade alone altogether.

He had been told to sweep out and dust, and he was obeying orders.

"There isn't anybody to see you," Mrs. Adams explained, obeying.

You seem to be obeying something outside—which you're quite sure of.

As this was an order, the mate did not scruple about obeying it.

If I feel satisfied that my duty is done, you should rejoice in obeying me.

Yet "though it's dull at whiles," there is joy in the doing of it, there is joy in just obeying.