Obits [noun]

Definition of Obits:

notice of person's death

Synonyms of Obits:

Opposite/Antonyms of Obits:


Sentence/Example of Obits:

At every months mind, years mind, or obit, the curate has 8d.

If the mother just died, you could at least get an obit out of it, she explained.

In return the college undertook to keep an obit for him every year.

Colchester and the Convent covenanted to observe the Bishop's obit—September 18—which we know they did to the last.

In 1493 he established at University College an obit for the widow of Warwick the king-maker.

The priests, grateful for the efforts he had made to further their comfort, decided to keep his obit.

Two shillings and two pence for an obit, the price whereof in S. Pauls, in London, was forty shillings!