Objected [verb]

Definition of Objected:

disagree, argue against

Opposite/Antonyms of Objected:

Sentence/Example of Objected:

"Whether we've done anything, or whether we haven't, don't matter," he objected.

"Stay though, my friend, it was his gown," objected Alleyne.

"But tell me just how you know that fact," Demarest objected very crisply.

"You'll go on here to the end of your days, working for a pittance," he objected.

The more Cleon objected, the more they shouted that he should go.

"But I didn't know people ever lived in studios," I objected.

"You can't leave this large sum with the bookmaker," he objected.

"It won't work; you never could do it," objected Dixon, with despondent conviction.

"I never c'd run 'em in alone, not with Whizzer in the bunch," objected Slim.

"I shall be travelling faster than your cumbersome safari," he objected.